Shishya News


The Kutcha house making competition  was an exciting event that combined creativity with hands-on learning. Students eagerly worked together to construct sturdy and imaginative mud houses using natural materials. The school hall buzzed with energy as participants, moulded mud, and carefully crafted their structures. Judges evaluated the houses based on design, stability, and creativity. This competition...


Our school had Summer electives which offered students a chance to delve into a diverse array of subjects beyond the traditional curriculum. This year our summer electives had a variety of options for the students such as paper crafts, pebble art, flower making and embroidery.  These elective courses, typically held for two weeks served as...

Award and Investiture Ceremony

Shishya School held its Award and Investiture ceremony for the academic session 2023-24 on 4th May, 2024. It was an eventful occasion filled with exuberance, anticipation and euphoria.The theme for the ceremony was ‘True success’ which was portrayed through the skits and the dances presented by the students. On this solemn occasion the new student...


The 3rd Graduation Day at Shishya School was a mixed bag of memories, emotions, joy, hope and inspiration. It was a momentous occasion based on the theme *“Abhi to picture baki hai”* for which the school was exquisitely decorated. The event included various performances by the students including the performance by the outgoing batch. Sashes...


A Storytelling competition was organised on 17th February 2024 for class 3rd students. Each participant brought a unique flavour to the stage. There were tales of adventure, mystery, and even a heartwarming story about friendship and kindness. The audience laughed, gasped, and applauded in appreciation of the young storytellers. The storytelling competition became a showcase...


The Fruits and Vegetables Act-Out Competition was held on 16th February 2024 for the students of Nursery class. It was not just a showcase of talent; it was a testament to the power of imagination, storytelling, and the joy that fruits and vegetables bring to our lives. The stage came alive with a parade of...


The Stick Structure competition was held on 10 February 2024 for classes 4th and 5th. The students worked on different bridges and structure of the Eiffel Tower. The Stick Structure Competition not only provides a fun and creative outlet for students but also instils important skills such as teamwork and problem-solving. Through the simple yet...


The Clay Modeling Competition is a delightful event that sparks the imagination and artistic flair of our youngest creators. The competition was held on 9th February. The various themes of the competition were fruits, vegetables and animals in a jungle. Through the competition, students were encouraged to express their creativity, hone their fine motor skills,...


Shishya School celebrated Republic day with great fervor and patriotism. The school organized an Inter house Hindi Debate Competition on the topic “भारतीय युवाओं के लिए सेना सेवा अनिवार्य होनी चाहिए” on this occasion. The event showcased intellectual powers and eloquence of the young speakers as they engaged in the thought-provoking debate. Vanshika Rawat emerged...


Shishya School celebrated its sports day on 14th November 2023. The day started with an Oath taking ceremony. The four houses competed with great fervor and camaraderie. The freeze March presented by each house was a cherry on the cake. The students competed in various fields and track events. The day closed with the award...