HousesExtending education beyond the confines of the classrooms, the school aims at cultivating values of team spirit, discipline and physical development through various sports activities. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for co-curricular activities.

FootballThree separate playgrounds: pre-primary, primary and junior class. Two of them have playsets with slides, monkey bars, swings and see-saws for the pre-primary and primary students. The older students use the big playground for track and field events and team games. Every class has optimal hours of physical education. Students have the privilege of a full sized sports field. PT classes and field activities keep students fit and healthy and help students enjoy learning; knowledge of both indoor and outdoor games. Football, cricket, softball, baseball, chess, etc., are organized regularly. They also play inter-house matches and the school organizes an annual sports day. Girls are also encouraged to participate in field games.

Field Games:girls-race

Kho-Kho, Volley Ball, Hand Ball, Soccer, Leg Ball, Badminton

Athletic events:

Long Jump, High Jump, Shotput, Javelin, Discus, Track events

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