Shishya hosts a number of competitions for the students throughout the year. This helps in building child’s self-confidence and it is also an opportunity for the child to become aware of his/her abilities. The competitions are both curricular and co-curricular.

Classes Nursery to class 2 have inter-class competitions based on art, language and literature.
  • English Poem recitation competition
  • Hindi Poem recitation competition
  • English Story telling competition
  • Thumb impression competition
  • Bindi Art competition
  • Drawing competition
  • Costume Competition
  • Sports events

Spell-Bee competition: The school also has a spell bee competition for students from class 3 onward. The children have to learn a list of spellings over a period of one month. The level of difficulty increases with each class. All the children go through a selection round and on the day of the competition the selected children have to spell the words being called out by the judges. The classes are divided into three categories – junior, sub-junior and senior and a winner is announced for each category.

Classes 3 and above have Inter House competitions: Students from class 3 and above are part of one of the four houses and have opportunity to participate in inter-house competitions. The aim is to teach the importance of team work rather than individual success. Some of the competitions for the higher classes are poster competition, skit, debate, etc.

  • Kabaddi matches –Inter house
  • Volley ball matches – Inter house
  • Football Matches – Inter house
  • Basketball Matches – Inter house
  • Enactment competition – Inter house
  • Group dance Competition – Inter house
  • Poster competition – Inter house
  • Quiz competition – Inter House
  • Hindi debate competition – Inter house
  • English Debate competition – Inter house

Other competitions:

  • Athletic meet – Classes Nur to 12
  • Chess tournament – classes 3 to 12
  • English Reading competition – Intra class 4th to 12th
  • Spell bee competition – class 3 to 8