Students get an opportunity to develop various non-academic skills through elective courses and workshops. Elective courses are taken on a range of topics every Saturday for a term. Students can choose which course they want to learn depending on their interests. Some of the courses taught in the school are calligraphy, craft, dramatics, embroidery, journalism, knitting, photography, art from waste, etc. Volunteers visiting the school also conduct workshops. Attending the workshop could be compulsory or optional depending on the concept being taught in the workshop. Some workshops are on topics that focus on the psychological and spiritual development of the students.

From 15 to 30 April, Shishya held elective courses for students. Children above grade 3 were able to attend sessions that they selected, learning about new topics and preparing material to present to the rest of the school. The whole school enjoyed the chance to explore different skills. Teachers made this time especially exciting and did a great job sharing their interests.

Junior students (classes 3 to 5) had the following elective options: Crafts, Fabric Painting, Olympics, Pebble art, Stick structure, Embroidery, Aerobics, Ball-Bottle decoration and School Band.

Senior students (classes 6 to 8) were able to choose from the following options: Electronics, Dramatics, Embroidery, Best out of Waste, Cooking, Quilling, School Band, and Stick structures.

Summer Electives