Learning Support Department

LSD (2)The learning support department was started by Shishya as a helping hand for children. It is a resource room that supports children with special needs. Every child is considered unique and special. In this class children with various types of learning disabilities are taught individually via special activities to meet the
ir specific needs. The difficulties faced by the children are identified and they are taught to overcome or cope up with their difficulty. Most of the children get to spend atleast 2 hours each week with the special educator on a one to one basis. The training given to each child varies depending on the challenge they face. The department also acts a counseling centre and is open to all students. Shishya feels the need to provide counselling for the students in order to meet their psychological needs. Students schedule an appointment with the counselor and share their problems. The number of sessions a student has is based on the need of the child. And most importantly, what is shared in the little room, stays in the little room!LSD (1)
Every child is unique and so are the challenges they face. The support provided is not based on the size of the difficulty because for each child, their problem is “BIG”.

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