Pre Primary

The first few years of a child’s school experience are so important. They learn about letters and numbers, but they also learn how to interact with their classmates, listen to their teachers, and enjoy school. Here are some of the ways the children of Nursery and Play Group have been learning, growing, and playing this year.

Pre-Primary education in Shishya is of three classes: Play Group, Nursery and KG. A child after completing KG will go to 1st class.

  • Play Way Method
  • Circle-Time
  • Maths & Counting
  • Fun Day
  • Colouring Competition

Young children need to have fun and be active as they learn. Preprimary teachers use action songs, rhymes, play-doh modeling, and stories to make ideas interesting. There’s not very much sitting at desks doing copy work during these years.

This time builds self-confidence and to learn to express their thoughts and feelings. They share about themselves and whichever topic they are studying.

Children use beads, buttons, and coins for fine motor development and to learn to count.

This is a day of sharing and fun activities. Children bring toys and snacks to share, and the time is full of singing, dancing, and playing games.