The school is affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi and follows ICSE  syllabus till class 10th & ISC syllabus for classes 11th & 12th. [School Affiliation Number: UT113.]

Shishya uses interactive methods of teaching; such methods include:

  • Individual and group projects and research
  • Creative writing, thinking and discussions
  • Role play, debates, current events and skits
  • Classroom activities, outdoor activities and use of environment/ nature walks, etc.

At Shishya, assessments are designed in such a way as to avoid pressurising the students.

Grades are awarded not only for the academic performance but also for efforts taken by students in class work, homework, student’s general behavior.

  • Terminal examination is conducted for Class 6 and above. There are two term exams i.e September and March.
  • Internal assessments: Regular class tests are conducted to encourage regular learning habit in every class. The average score will be taken as internal assessment marks.
  • Effort marks: Child is evaluated based on his/her performance in classwork, homework and his/her general behavior.
  • Stars: Stars are given for original work, attentiveness in class and their sincerity.
  • No rank will be given to any child for any examination or test.

Subjects taught in Classes 6th to 8th: English language, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Hindi, German, Computer, Life skill, Moral value, GK, SUPW and Art.

Subjects taught in ICSE – Classes 9 & 10:
Compulsory subjects: English language, English Literature, Hindi,  Social Studies (History/civics & Geography);
Optional subjects 1: (choose any two): Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Commercial studies, Economics.
Optional subjects 2: (choose any one):  Computer studies, Physical education, Art.
Other subjects : Life skill, Moral value, GK, SUPW and Art.

Subjects taught in ISC – Classes 11th & 12th
Compulsory subjects: English language, English Literature
Stream 1: Physics, chemistry and Mathematics,
Stream 2: Physics, chemistry and Biology
Stream 3: Accountancy, Commerce, Economics.
Optional subjects 1: (choose any one):  Computer science, Hindi.
Optional subjects 2: (choose any one): Art, Physical Education.
Other subjects : Life skill, Moral value, SUPW .