Computer Lab

Computer education is an important subject in our fast moving “tech-savvy” generation. It enables students to learn necessary skills for the future. Student work on computers from class three. Our newly developed computer lab has facilities to offer each student their own system. A 24-hour power backup allows the computer lab to function even during power-cuts. Shishya is a wi-fi enabled campus with internet access available to teachers.

Science Labs

A modern science laboratory is supervised and maintained by a trained science teacher. Curiosity is stirred-up in students through experiments to make them wonder “how things work.”


Shishya Public School – Science Lab’s students learn about forces and energy, visual confirmation of their lessons is important to help information stick. During Physics lab sessions, children can see how light behaves and how magnets interact. Concepts become more real as they demonstrate the laws they encounter in their textbooks.


Shishya has the facilities to provide workstations that allow students to perform Chemistry experiments. Well-trained teachers demonstrate and monitor all activity, while allowing children the opportunity to try methods for themselves. As students mix materials and note reactions, they gain experience with standard laboratory techniques. Familiarity with basic procedures and equipment is vital as they continue their educations.


Biology lab gives Shishya students to examine the world around them in great detail. Instead of studying diagrams, they have the chance to observe material right in front of them. For example: by dissecting a flower, children can find all the parts of the plant they’ve read about on an actual organism. This kind of hands-on learning helps students understand correlating lecture material. It also inspires curiosity and creativity.