• English speaking: Shishya students converse only in English, whether it is with teachers or peers.
  • Phonics based learning: A phonic based approach is used from play group to 3rd Class which enables beginner readers to decode words by sounding them out and blending the sound-spelling patterns. Children learn proper pronunciation from an early age.
  • Foreign language – German is taught as a third language from class 5. Students have a unique privilege to learn a foreign language preparing them for a purposeful future.Electives (19)
  • Activity Centered Learning: Teaching methods are creative and interactive. Activities, art, projects, music, group work and discussions are intertwined with regular teaching schedules.
  • Life skills: Moral values are taught via Life Skills from 1st Class. Students learn discernment; how to make right choices for their lives. Non academic topics are discussed; poverty, relationships, health, safety, bullying, peer pressure, etc.
  • Moral Science: As a Christian school, students are exposed to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as given in the Bible.
  • Teachers Training: Workshops for teachers continue throughout the year. Teachers enjoy the challenge of learning new teaching methods and are even more excited to see their impact on a students’ progress. On-going staff development is a priority and educational trainers from abroad have been doing workshops at Shishya for the past many years.Pedagogy
  • Parent-teacher relationship: We believe in having a transparent system. Parents are given the right to interact with the educators. Regular Parent/Teachers Meetings are organized where all aspects of the students development is discussed.
  • Morning Assembly: Students sing, have fun, participate in skits with the moral teaching. A student choir and student musicians lead the assembly, increasing self confidence and leadership skills in the students.


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