Aims & Missions


Modelling love and respect towards each other is a priority at Shishya. The school’s motto: “Living in Love,” is kept alive through encouragement and daily practise. Shishya believes that the building of character is vital to a full and abundant life. Our “Life Skills” classes help students understand the importance of decision making; the decisions which could mould their lives. Shishya aims for academic excellence as well as teaching how to ‘Live in Love.’ We aim to teach and model good values, for as “He” loved, we are enabled to love.

Mission Statement

Frieda-McRaeShishya Public School, a project of Shishya Society, exists to work with children in the immediate locality, giving quality care and education. Flowing from our vision “Youth Empowered and Transformed Attaining their Purpose of Life”, and our motto, “Living in Love,” the school includes all students regardless of backgrounds and caste, handicaps whether mental or physical to bring them to their fullest potential. We make education a creative process for both the teacher and the pupil, modelling a sense of integrity, Godly character and values. The school stands on a foundational value:

“Neither knowledge nor any academic subject
can exist without God;
without God, learning is impossible”.

It is the school’s goal to love, nurture, provide security, training and an environment of growth and self-discovery. Every student is taught that they are of value; able to give love and receive it. To see students grow, motivated to learn, seeking to be kind and considerate to all, able to answer difficult questions about life values; this is our greatest reward in teaching. As an educational institution, Shishya Public School wishes to make a difference in what and how our students learn; leading them into a self-reliant, purposive life.