Founder’s Message

When my husband, Ken McRae and myself first moved to Selaqui in 1981, there was no English medium school in the area. We knew that India was in the midst of great changes, and English would soon be a must for children wanting to make something of their lives. The locality needed this institution for their children, and children were our interest. We founded Shishya Public School as IID Children’s Academy in 1986. Many years have gone by and changes have taken place. We have dreamed and worked towards a better learning and educational environment for children in the area. Fond memories of students are treasured and tucked away in our minds, though the school has certainly faced its difficulties. Students graduate with both joy and sorrow; watching them succeed and find their purpose in life is a joy.

In 1986 the school bus was a 1964 Willys army jeep, its driver being my “multi-tasker” husband. The jeep had a canvas top and a crank that attached in the front to wind it up from its sleep. The amount of children that jeep could hold was amazing! It’s hard to imagine or even recall the changes over the last 34 years. From a dozen students in Nursery and KG, that number has multiplied over 50 times. We’re overjoyed at being involved in the various steps of its development.

Shishya Public School holds to deeply rooted principles which over those years have not changed. They grow and bud, adding new, creative aspects of education. The school maintains the principles of being transparent in every aspect, retaining integrity in the functioning of the school as well as in the education of students. Not “show” but child-centered education, not book-centered rote learning, but learning-centered with or without books. Shishya Public School educates children; that is always the focus who we are.

Teachers do come and go, yet some stalwart teachers have been with us for nearly 20 years and have been a delight to work with. Unity is the special bond and the atmosphere at Shishya Public School. We value and respect the school motto: “Living in Love” and believe the building of character is vital to a full, abundant life. We mentor students as individuals, each uniquely talented, and each facing individual hurdles. We work to help students overcome whatever comes in the way of their personal victory. We make it our job is to keep their focus even higher in order capture their dreams and turn them into reality.

In closing, the words from a school song that cements the meaning of our foundation, aim, and motto:

“They say love is cruel
They say love is rather fragile
But I’ve found in You
A love of another kind.
They say love brings hurt
I say love brings healing
Understanding first
It’s a love of another kind.”




Frieda McRae