The school is affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi board and follows ICSE syllabus till class 10th and ISC syllabus for classes 11th & 12th.

Shishya uses interactive methods of teaching; such methods include:

Subjects Taught

Class 1 & 2: English, Mathematics, EVS, Hindi, Phonics, Life skill, Art, Moral values, G.K and P.T

Class 3, 4 & 5: English language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Hindi, Computer, Life skill, Moral values, G.K and Art. (German from class 5)

Assessments: At Shishya, assessments are designed in such a way as to avoid pressurising the students.

Grades are awarded not only for the academic performance but also for efforts taken by students in class work, homework, student’s general behavior.

– There is no examination until class 2, only weekly assessment tests are conducted and grades are awarded.
– Quarterly tests are conducted for classes 3 to 5 on selected subjects.

The academic year is divided into four quarters and a test is conducted at the end of each quarter.

I Quarter – April & May
II Quarter – July, August & September
III Quarter – October, November & December
IV Quarter – January, February & March