The Kutcha house making competition  was an exciting event that combined creativity with hands-on learning. Students eagerly worked together to construct sturdy and imaginative mud houses using natural materials. The school hall buzzed with energy as participants, moulded mud, and carefully crafted their structures. Judges evaluated the houses based on design, stability, and creativity. This competition...


Our school had Summer electives which offered students a chance to delve into a diverse array of subjects beyond the traditional curriculum. This year our summer electives had a variety of options for the students such as paper crafts, pebble art, flower making and embroidery.  These elective courses, typically held for two weeks served as...

Award and Investiture Ceremony

Shishya School held its Award and Investiture ceremony for the academic session 2023-24 on 4th May, 2024. It was an eventful occasion filled with exuberance, anticipation and euphoria.The theme for the ceremony was ‘True success’ which was portrayed through the skits and the dances presented by the students. On this solemn occasion the new student...


The 3rd Graduation Day at Shishya School was a mixed bag of memories, emotions, joy, hope and inspiration. It was a momentous occasion based on the theme *“Abhi to picture baki hai”* for which the school was exquisitely decorated. The event included various performances by the students including the performance by the outgoing batch. Sashes...