Trekking Expedition to Bhadraj Hill

Shishya school organised a one day trekking excursion to Bhadraj Hill for the students of class 12th on 12th February 2022. It was a 14 km long journey which took almost 7 hours. The trek was difficult but the excitement of the students had no bounds. The journey started from Koti and had various stops in between where the students snacked and rested. No one was in a hurry to reach the top as everyone wanted to admire the natural scenery which stood before them. The lofty mountains were a great sight to see. The students reached the top one after another in small – small groups. Then came the moment of sharing and caring, where they shared the delicacies brought from their homes with everyone including the teachers. They all had a sense of victory on finishing the adventurous and enthralling journey. The end of the day came when the students came down the hilltop, tired but full of fond memories.

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