Excursion trip to Chandigarh

For the first time Shishya organised a one day trip to Chandigarh for the pupils of grade 10th. It was an exciting four hours journey where our students enjoyed a lot on the way. It was almost a 15kms walk inside the zoo but they hardly got tired as they were busy enjoying watching the creation of God. The next venture was a very hygienic restaurant where they stopped to have lunch. The fellowship of lunch together with our teachers, our bus driver and conductor was a very good time spent together. The last place for the day was the Nek Chand Rock garden which was probably the best place they visited. Beautiful things made out of waste was the theme of the garden. It had amazing dolls, village scenes, water fall, small caves etc, which was indeed mesmerising. They all enjoyed the swings and spent most of our time there.

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