Costume competition

The school organized a costume competition, for the students of class KG to 3rd. All students of these classes participated enthusiastically in the competition. Some dressed as Kalpana Chawla, some as Mother Teresa, some as Atal Bihari Bajpai, while the other dressed as (different personalities). The participants along with their dialogues and presentation were spot-on in portrayal of these character. The competition was enjoyed by students, audience, teachers and judges.

The students’ performances were evaluated on the basis of aptness of dress, props used, confidence, overall presentation and other criterion. While all students prepared well and put in their best, some costumes and presentation stood out. Performances of all the students was backed by their own hard work, time taken by their parents to prepare costumes and preparation for the competition presentation and the hours put in by the class teachers who ensured the students practiced each portion of their presentation. Kudos to the students, parents, teachers and management of Shishya Public School.

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