75th Independence Day

Shishya School celebrated the 75th Independence Day on 15th August, 2022  with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. On this special occasion, the programme started with flag hoisting by the Principal Mr. Emmanuel Ratnaraj. The Principal addressed the gathering consisting of the teachers and the students appealing to their nationalistic spirit and urging them to take pride in being an Indian and fulfilling one’s duty with responsibility. He also emphasized the role of youth today as the true wealth of a country. 

This was followed by a colourful programme filled with dances and skits presented by the students of the four houses. Shishya has a unique culture of celebrating every event with a different and meaningful theme. This year’s team was freedom, all four houses had a different theme portraying freedom. ‘Freedom from discrimination’, ‘Freedom from Pollution’, ‘Freedom from accidents’, and ‘Freedom for poverty’ respectively. Each house showed their theme through the skit presented by the students with brilliant acting skills and impeccable direction by the teachers. The dances presented by all the houses were a true resemblance of India’s vast and varied culture. The enthralling day ended with sweet distribution

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